Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One More Project To Go!!!

Yes, I.....er, the kids....have ONE more project to do! Ack! The past few days have been all about typing, typing and more typing. Seems like that's what I've been doing the whoooooole day! Sheesh!

I swear, these projects of the kids are just going to be the death of me! Luckily, ALL the Kids Can Projects have been all typed up and submitted....and on the blog. Someone rescue me from all the talk of endangered animals! Hahahahahaha! I've said it, and I'll say it again: thank GOD all the kids agreed to do the SAME project!!!

Different endangered animals, sure, but everything else was the same. Watch out next year, maybe we'll talk and research all about the crape myrtle tree, hehehehe. Always good to be different, eh?

Ok, like I said, ONE more project to go. And that's Rogan's book report. The boy sure does want to be different. He said he would rather NOT do a Sandwich book report like his sisters. Makes life difficult for his poor mama. Ya think?!?!? Sigh! He was soooo set on having a PIZZA book report, I didn't have the heart to say no.

So off I searched for a pizza box template and thank goodness I found one! Now, all I have to do is print, cut and assemble. Maybe I'll show it off tomorrow. But I have to order pizza to be delivered.....just so I have a box to put his Pizza Book Report in!!! Hehehehe. What, did you think I was going to MAKE a pizza box??? I would.....if I had the time! LOL!

This is probably going to be the most convenient P400 plus I'm going to be spending for this pizza (box).

Stay tuned 'til tomorrow for pics of the project. Maybe. :)

Oh, I did this layout for Jacque Larsen (I'm guesting this month) and I need to upload it tomorrow:


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