Saturday, March 21, 2009


incompetence in·com·pe·tence (ĭn-kŏm'pĭ-təns) or in·com·pe·ten·cy (-tən-sē)
n. The quality of being incompetent or incapable of performing a function,

At the hospital, we were getting ready to bring Dad home. Finally. The plan was ---and this had the ok of ALL is doctors--- that after his dialysis session, he could go home. Ok, great. Dad was brought down to the Hemodialysis Room at 3 am. He was done at 7 am. Add a few more hours of bathing him, and technically, we were ready to leave at 10 am. Obviously, even BEFORE Mike had attempted to bathe Dad, word was given to the nurse's station that we were going to be leaving.


The only thing was, we were missing ONE doctor's ok to leave. Grrrr! But Dr Martinez had ALREADY given his ok the day before so really, everything SHOULD have been fine.


Just how long was it going to take to prepare the bill? Especially when the past few days, we had been given an initial statement for us to go over. After an hour or so of just waiting, Mom made it clear that she was NOT going to be paying for a full day for the room. So the nurses technically checked us out at 11.28 am, just before the cut off of noon.


FINALLY, someone from billing went up and gave us the bill. I brought this to the Business Center on our floor (the few privileges of being the Suite Floor) and planted my arse in front of the person there to pressure her to move HER arse. Which she did. Rein did go all out in trying to speed everything up.

After a few minutes, (or what seemed like mere minutes since I busied myself checking my email in the lone computer in the Business Center), the (pregnant) cashier FINALLY came up. She asked for my credit card and other pertinent cards like Dad's Senior Citizen ID, the hospital card, etc. I had these out in a flash, just so she'd get the hint.

As I was waiting, almost bored to tears, I heard the cashier ask Rein repeatedly if our bill was ok..since her printout read 12:58 pm and our checkout time was 11.28 am. In other words she wanted us to pay the full day for the room to cover her slow butt! #$%^&!!!!!

This made me see red, but I controlled it, thank you very much. The stupid cashier asked Rein the same thing about 3 more times and that was it: I butted in their conversation and almost-rudely asked what the problem was. The cashier took one look at my face and quickly answered "nothing". Hmp!

Well obviously, she couldn't ask the question again with me in front of her face now could she?!? So she swiped my credit card and had me sign it.


Ten minutes later, I was STILL waiting for her stupid highness to give me back my card and my receipt. I could see her over the counter punching numbers on her calculator and comparing her set of papers to our bill. What the #$%^&???? Very pissed, I asked her what was taking FOREVER???? She looked at me and very obviously saw that I was nearing slapping-her-stupid-self-point, so she sheafed her papers and said that everything balanced.

Like I cared one iota about whether it balanced or not!!! I mean really! Everything's on the computer and it printed out right? Before the computer could spew all the totals, all the departments concerned had input everything. So what the heck was her $%^&* problem????


Incompetence at its best! Leche!

Squeezed in this layout today:


I'm trying to finish the album for Bishop Tumulak of our trip last year :) I'll probably be dipping into my QP folder just to hurry things up, lol!

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