Sunday, March 08, 2009

Finishing Up the Projects

It's crunchtime. Or close to it. The kids are feverishly finishing their drawings and their research, while I upload what I can to their blog. Raegan's project is due tomorrow, Rogan's the day after Raegan. Thank goodness for small favors, eh? Hehehehe. Sigh! I will be ecstatically happy when this week will be over!

It was a busy Sunday. We started by going to the Swim Camp for a parents' seminar given by Coach Powers. It was mostly stuff Japa and I knew, since we were athletes, too. Once upon a time, hehehehe. At least for me. Japa still is. I have no claim whatsoever to the title of athlete now, LOL!

Japa took the kids to Ayala while I begged off. I had to make huge dents in the project otherwise the kids would never be able to submit anything!!! Ack!

Here's Raegan's final library cards, crafted by yours truly, thanks to templates from Heather Roselli:

Oh yuck, sorry, the photo wasn't photoshop-ed. It came straight from my cellphone camera :)

A close up of the library cards:

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