Friday, March 06, 2009

Sign Language

I interviewed a hearing-impaired person today. His name is Kim and he is an intelligent person. He can also communicate well. Despite his being deaf, his non-hearing did not deter Kim from talking to me. Sure, his words were a bit slurred (some were) and sometimes it was hard to understand him IF one didn't pay attention, but he sure was a talker, lol!

He unashamedly used his hands to communicate. And spoke as he signed. He told me who he was, how old he was, why he wanted to work for us, etc.

And it came to light how truly pathetic some people in this world are: Kim told me that he had gone on several interviews where the interviewer just bluntly told him that he couldn't hire Kim. This, without attempting to interview the guy first!!! Yes, there is a strident, indignant tone to how I said it! The reason? They said that Kim would not be able to communicate with other employees!!! Ack! The NERVE of some people!!! Just makes you want to hit them, doesn't it! Grrrr! Pissed ME off when Kim told me those things! Sheesh!

Anyhoo, I did call one of Kim's references, and Bambi was all praises. She said Kim was dedicated, focused, a hard worker. He was conscious of the time and would not allow himself to have even a minute less than what was required.

He would be a good addition to the staff, I believe. I look forward to learning from him as well. I'm pretty sure it would be a very interesting time with him at the office. And yes, I want to learn how to sign, too! :)

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