Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom!

My dear mother is 63 years old today. We surprised her by showing up at church for the 6 am mass, to thank the Lord that Mom was given to us and to Dad. We are very very lucky to have Mom as our mom :) She is an inspiration, a pillar of strength, the epitome of faith. She is the foundation of our family and has played a huuuuge part in making us the kind of people we are today.

We all like to think we turned out pretty well, lol, and that's mostly because of the way Mom brought us up. It wasn't easy for her, transferring to the province when she first married Dad. She was a city girl, that's for sure, a socialite. But she uprooted herself to be with Dad. And she coped. Sure, she had her rough times, especially with Dad busy at work AND playing mahjong during the early part of their married life. She was pregnant with me and then with Boydee within 2 years. Life didn't seem easy for this city girl, that's for sure.

But it made her stronger, more a molder of character. And from that we all benefited. And for that we thank her from the very bottom-est part of our heart.

Even today, her birthday, her first though was still to be with Dad. We did try and coerce her into showing up for her birthday dinner, but she didn't want to leave Dad's side. We were all hoping that Dad could leave the hospital today, but it wasn't to be. Oh well.

After mass, we trooped to Shangri-La for breakfast. Yummmm! Then Lola wanted to treat Mom and all of us for lunch. After that HUGE breakfast. Yeah right! I couldn't put another thing inside me! So I begged off, since I had so much work to do anyway.

With that one big meal, I was set for the day. But noooooo....Boydee texted us in the afternoon saying he had made reservations for dinner at Shangri La. Again. Nooooooooooo! LOL! Mom wanted the grandkids to celebrate her birthday as well, which was the reason for dinner.

So we were all seated, stuffing ourselves silly from the plethora of seafood at Heat, when Mom calls and says that she's NOT going to make it to dinner after all! WHAT??? What's a birthday without the celebrant??? Heheheee. Soooo typical of mother dear! At least we were all sated and full! :)

This birthday celebration surely is one for the record books! :)

With Dad in the hospital, we all conspired to send Mom a gift from him. Of course, we already knew what it was. I just confirmed it for formality's sake when I went to see Dad yesterday. We were to have 63 flowers delivered in a bouquet or arrangement, red roses and white roses. We --ahem, *I*-- made the card; everyone absolutely pitched in to give 63 reasons from Dad as to how and why he loves Mom. Thankfully, with everyone texting me something, we did come up with 63 reasons! Who would have thought it was an easy thing to do! Sheesh!

And for the information of the brotherhood and the sisterhood, I stayed up til 3 am printing, cutting and gluing to make that card come together. I was so tired, I didn't have a chance to take a photo of the finished product, darn it! Oh well. When I see it next, I will :)

Happy Birthday, Mom. We love you!!!

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Zharmagne said...

Mom loved the "63 reasons why I love you". Good job!