Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pee, Nails, Sleep

I know, weird title, hehehehe. Soon to be explained, below:


Ahh, the "dangers" of having a 4-year old sleep on your bed. Ranger was exhausted from all the swimming he did yesterday. Even when coach would be holding Riley and Ranger was supposed to be resting on the side, he would swim to the bottom and up, go to Bric and try to console him, and back. No wonder he was tired!

Anyway, apparently, he was scared to go to the bathroom by himself (he can't turn the door knob on that door) and he was scared to wake either Japa or myself to let us know he needed to go to the bathroom! Grrrrr! My memory foam!!! Waaaaaah!

Oh well. That was at 530 am. And if you know me, I was hard pressed to go back to sleep. Sigh!

{NAILS)....and WORK

I was finally able to convince Mom to go to Le Charment, the nail salon, and get her nails done so they'd last longer :) Yup, I took a photo of my hand with my wonderful-looking nails in their french-tip, wrapped glory.

By the by, those ARE my real nails, with some sort of powder wrap on them. I had them put on about 3 weeks ago (yup, they last that long, thank goodness!) so that one nail with a huge break in it wouldn't drop off on me. I loved the results, and have been extolling their services ever since, hehehe.

My nails have been sturdier and the best part? Becaue of the nail wrap, the nail polish doesn't chip as often! Seriously! The day after I had my nails done the first time, I was typing the WHOOOOLE weekend and then 2 more days or so and there was NO chip at all!

So of course I had them done again! They took out the wrap, nipping at it after soaking it in some solution. They were just going to add some fillers but I said no, I wanted the whole thing to come off so that they can put in brand new ones. I wasn't going to pay them a bundle for doing half a job, now would I?

Two hours later (hehehe, yes, it takes that long!), Mom and I were happy campers indeed with our nails! I should have taken a pic of mom lolling on the chair with 3 attendants: one for each hand and the other for a pedicure. But my nails were still wet, so there.

After the nail salon, I told Mom I had to go back to the office. A TON of work still left to do, but I have been so tired the whole day. Maybe it was because I was up at 530 this morning???

But anyhoo, off to work I went. Since I was sleepy, I sooo wish I had some voice recognition program to use to make work easier. Imagine, lying down and giving instructions, and having the computer get it right the first time around! Ahhh, that would be awesome, wouldn't it? They probably cost a bundle, but what if it would make someone more productive and efficient? Hmmm.....something to think about yes?

And with our trunk-hunting capability for the phone line in process, having a speech recognition software installed would have a ton of advantages! Like having the client talk into the phone and make an option, and the computer would be able to forward that call to the proper person! Cool, huh! Whipping out the wish list! Hehehehe. Just in case.


And no, I didn't do aerobics today, sad to say! :( I was just too tired and sleepy to be of any use; I don't think I'd be able to bounce around following the instructor!

So here I am at home, very tired. Uploading a couple of pages I had done late last night and early this morning (yes, because I couldn't sleep! hehehe) and I am calling it a day!



G'nite and TTFN!

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