Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stiff Neck Alert!

Uh oh! Raine woke up bawling because she couldn't get up. Apparently, her head slipped from her pillow sometime during the night and stayed there. When she woke up she couldn't move. To make matters worse, she had a presentation at school today!!!

I go in the girls' room and she cried even louder when she saw me. Sigh. What is it about mothers that when kids see you they cry more? hehehe. Anyway, I made her get up carefully so I could check her neck. It was one huge HARD muscle. Ugh. I so know what she's going through. So I rubbed some (expired) Zostrix on the area, telling her it would burn. After a little bit, she was able to get up....but not in time to make her presentation. I know, I'm the sort of mom who would think of school first, hehehe.

Anyway, we both stayed at home today, Raine to rest, and me to make sure she rested. I didn't have her go swimming because I wanted to take her to her pediatrician. I *was* going to take her to a quack doctor, i.e., manghihilot, (hehehe) but I knew I'd get flak from her doctor, her Papa and her grandfather! So we played a waiting game until the afternoon.

The doctor prescribed a pain killer every 6-8 hours. Thinking of her presentation tomorrow (I had texted Teacher Kitkat to let her know) AND a swim meet this coming weekend (!!!) I had Raine take it every 6 hours with instructions to the yaya to wake her in the middle of the night to take her meds.

Sigh! The stress of today!!!

So yes, I scrapped :)



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