Sunday, February 10, 2008

Family Day

For the first time ever in our history with the school, we did NOT attend Family Day. I know we probably disappointed some people (hehehe), especially the kids, but we were just too pooped to go to Clark. It would have been fun, but we would have had to work at having fun, so nah, it wasn't going to be really ALL that fun, right? Whatever. I'm confusing even myself.

What with the Relics being here and catching up with work from our Macau Hong Kong trip, there just wasn't time to do Family Day this year. Hopefully next year, we'll be able to go.

I did get to finish Raine's Birth Story today, though:


After 2 false alarms, Mama was finally admitted. We spent a few hours in triage before being brought to the room. Labor pains were a thing of the past, as the epidural took effect. Papa called Mamalyn to say that it was almost time. Luckily, Mamalyn dropped her utensils (she was having dinner at home), rushed to the hospital and arrived just in time to witness Raine coming out. After ONE push, the doctor told Mama to stop; Raine just slid right out. look for Ranger's pics...I know I've burned them to DVD somewhere. Sigh! I need to get more organized!


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