Friday, February 22, 2008

Just at Work

Spent the whole day in the office. Doing stuff :) Trying to determine flight times to Paris, France when Mom and I leave a few hours after the Relics do. Surfing the internet and trying to get the best buy I can for hotels, packages, tours, etc. We will be having Bishop traveling with us in the first part, until Lisieux, and one day in Paris. So I want to be able to cram as much sightseeing as we can into that one day of his before he leaves for Manila for Holy Week.

There are SOOO many option available out there, my head is spinning! I've bookmarked what I can and will explore those at a future date.

Other stuff that needs to be done is organizing photos for the 40th anniversary of Mom and Dad. I'm having LetLet unearth what she can out of Tita San's boxes store at VWL. Tita Nina says she's given a ton to Tita San and they were never returned. So I'm crossing my fingers that they are in the warehoused boxes! After that, the photos will be turned over to someone who can scan them FAST. Am thinking of the States, but I need to figure out how to get the photos back to me without incurring too high a cost.

We had dinner at La Vista because Mom was hosting some relatives from the States. Major eating as usual, hehehe. And all seafood since it's a Friday. When the heck am I going to diet? That's THE major question!!!

Just vegging out in front of the tv now, surfing the boards. Having that seminar 3 days in a row has definitely put a cramp in my surfing schedule, hehehe. I don't even have time in the morning to check my email! The horror! :)

I'm not in the mood to scrap either. Surfing takes up a lot of time, as well as leaving some love over at MSA where I'm a Comment Chick (I forgot our title, hehehe). I'm playing Snood and watching some TV. The kids are back in the room watching some senseless cartoon again.


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