Saturday, February 16, 2008

Major Carbo Loading

With the aquathlon tomorrow, celebrating Reese's birthday in Apitong tonight was timely. Sure, it was technically a day late for carbo loading, but I used it as an excuse :) I had THREE platefuls of spaghetti vongole, oh so delish made by Elizza! Food was plentiful, and despite the Lenten sacrifice, Dic and Lai made sure most of us had something to eat!

I had the vongole, some yummy garlic/parmesan bread, stuffed crab, prawns thermidore, and some tuna belly. Yum yum YUM! We capped Reese's birthday by singing raucously, which was the norm for our family, hehehe. Children's birthdays are much simpler nowadays, thank goodness, not like the circus-like atmosphere we had a few years ago. Now it's just basically family in attendance, a birthday cake with the requisite candles, the birthday song, and plenty of food. That's a must of course. Text messages are sent for birthday invitations, for the times when the moms (usually) don't have the time to prepare special handmade invitations :)

Of course, we do celebrate the important years like 1 (like the child would EVER remember a celebration this young!!!), 7 and 10. Then there's the all-important debut at 18. But that's a long time for us. In the meantime, we're enjoying the childhood of each of our kids :)

We had to say bye early to everyone, since I wanted to make sure that the kids got enough sleep for tomorrow's event. What am I saying? *I* want to ensure that *I* get enough sleep! Hehehehe!


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Elizza said...

that is a very YUMMY picture! my goal next time is to make my dish look like that! haha!