Saturday, February 09, 2008

Birth Stories

The Sisterhood Challenge continues. Lai has been putting a lot of pressure on us laggers who have yet to finish the birth stories of our children. Like we can remember what happened 3, 7, 8 and 9 years ago! Hehehe. Epiduraaaaal!!!

But with the pressure, I've gotten to finish Raegan's and Rogan's pages:


April 9th, 5 am. Mama’s water broke. Mamalyn brought Mama to the hospital and went back to pick up Papa at the airport. On the way back, they got lost! Meanwhile, Mama would not dilate properly, despite the fact that pitocin was doubled. Papa arrived just in time for Mama to try breaking the bones in his hand from the pain of back labor. And we were thinking of doing this with Lamaze?!? Thank goodness for the epidural! It was what calmed Mama down. A sensor was put into your head to better monitor your movements. Finally, after 23 hours of labor, you were born.


Your birth was definitely the fastest and the bloodiest one. There wasn’t enough time for the epirdural to work; within 5 minutes of the injection, Mama could feel you literally pushing your way out! While Mama was screaming her head off, you just zipped out! The speed with which you came out was the reason for the swelling of your entire body and face. You were wailing and thrashing about...a true boy!

I guess one never forgets how your children are born, huh? As I look at these photos, the day, night and hour of the kids' birth seem to be so if it had happened only yesterday. Where did the time go??? Yikes!

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