Thursday, February 21, 2008

Last Day of Numbers!!!

WHoohooohooo! I survived the 3-day seminar on Accounting! That is a MAJOR feat for me!!! Hehehehe. Lai was gone--she went to Bacolod with Dic and the kids, so it was just Bang and me. For starters, we both arrived at the seminar with a few minutes to spare. Good thing we had someone buy our lunch and it was brought to us at the function room. We scarfed down our lunch with minutes to spare hehehe. Yes, we were that hungry!

Towards the last part, as Bang and I were getting the hang of computing some problem, our instructor didn't bother going over the last problem with us! Although it was very similar to the last problem we solved, there was a major twist. We were coming up with some answers but had NO idea if it was correct! The nerds that we are (hehehehe), we refused to leave the room, even when everyone had gone. The instructor came up to us and asked us what we wanted to know and we asked her for the solution, or at least some guide on how to solve a certain step. Apparently she didn't have much time anymore, because she said she was going to have the solution emailed to us!!! HMP!!! Hopefully, that email comes!

Because of my back aches, I'm smart enough to immediately lie down on my bed when I get home. Thank goodness for my laptop, I can scrap while in bed, either in a reclining position (with the help of pillows) or on my tummy. And yes, I watch TV as well, though nothing major that requires my complete attention. Some CSI shows that I've seen, some movies that I've seen, and lots of news. This way, I'm still updated as to what's happening here at home and in the world (thanks CNN, hehehe).

Maybe it's age, but despite the size of our TV (I think it's a 36" but I could be wrong), it's getting harder to see everything on the screen now. Hehehe. Yes, maybe age. I would love love LOVE to have some tv lift cabinets installed in my bedroom. You know, the ones that come in the hoity toity hotels...where a mechanism LIFTS your tv (preferably plasma because they're a lot lighter than regular tvs) from a cabinet. I would love to have mine installed at the foot of my bed, just so the TC would be closer to me. The tv lift cabinets themselves are pretty pricey, but you do have the option of buying just the mechanism, so I think that merits some looking into for sure :) It would be COOL to have that huh? The only problem I see is that then I wouldn't have an excuse to leave my bed, hehehe.

Though I slept early last night, I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't go back to sleep. So I scrapped, yes!



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