Thursday, February 28, 2008

Raine's Presentation & a Dentist Trip

Raine's stiff neck was so much better today. It was good enough for her to get dressed for school and do her presentation. Of course, there was still a little bit of pain, but the pain meds and the ben-gay helped. She talked about Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. And I was pissed that she didn't do well during her presentation!!! For all her loud voice and aggressive attitude, she was a meek little mouse when faced with the microphone and other parents and students!!!! Aaaargh!!! Oh well. At least she memorized her lines and she did know how to fold the bangle and the samurai hat for her demonstration. Afterwards, she told me, during recess, she helped her classmates finish their bangles and samurai hats. The girls loved how simple the bangle was to make and the boys were yelling and being samurais with their hats on, hehehe.

After Raine's presentation, I rushed to the office so I could get some work done. In the afternoon, I had a dentist appointment. I was there for close to 2 hours while the dentist worked on FIVE of my teeth! FIVE!!! Four of those were chipped (I have NO idea why! All on one side, too!) and one was a temporary filling, just in case I had a root canal. FUUUUUUN!

But afterwards, my mouth felt WHOLE! Yeah! Hehehehe. Worthwhile visit for sure! Raegan dropped by in the middle of my procedures to have some sealant applied to 3 holes where her teeth used to be. According to the dentist, Raegan now has 3 baby teeth left.

I've started watching Brothers and Sisters Season 2 :)

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