Saturday, February 23, 2008

Day of Leisure

Didn't do anything much today. Just resting and enjoying the day with the kids. We took a swim mid-morning and had fun. I was able to squeeze in 20 laps of breaststroke; I was lazy to do freestyle, hehehe. So just breaststroke, with some play time every 10 laps.

I forgot how much fun it was to just play with the kids. They made it easier of course, just screaming, swimming, diving, jumping. We didn't do any relays, thank goodness. I don't think I would have won anything! The kids have gotten so much stronger and faster in swimming, it's so hard to believe they just started a few years ago!

We had lunch at La Vista, stayed there for a bit, then went to mass at 530 pm. We went straight home because the kids wanted to catch Night at the Museum on HBO. We have the DVD but I guess it was different watching it "live" on TV! Hehehehe. Go figure! So it was pizza night---I ordered pepperoni and 3-cheese pizzas from Pizza Hut and enjoyed the movie with the kiddos.

It may not have done really well in the box office, but it is a good movie....and the best part is that the kids keep talking about someday being able to go to the actual Museum of Natural History in New York. YES! Something educational that they're planning!!! Not just amusement parks and water parks, but museums!!! Huge step for the kids, hehehe! So this particular trip will be on the list of things to do when we go to New York.

Thank goodness it was more or less during dinner time, because I had made a date with myself (Japa is in the Visayas as photogrpher for the Relics visit there) to watch Mark Wahlberg in Invincible.

Fabulous, gripping show! LOVED it! Of course, it helped that I enjoy football :) But it was an inspiring movie for sure, and I love the fact that it was based on a REAL person. How cool is that!

Then the surfing of the message boards starts, hehehe. With a child beside me, I go through all my bookmarks for blogs, for digital scrapbooking sites, for galleries. Loads of information out there, lots of inspiration.....which I will definitely need as I'm still searching for my mojo, hehehe. It seems to have deserted me yet again! Sigh!

You would think I'd be scrapping the night away with this sudden bout of insomnia, but nooooo.....I spend hours just surfing! Sheesh! Sometimes I think it's a total waste of time! Hehehe. Oh well. At least for some reason, the inspiration I go through sort of sticks in my brain and I can draw on it to jumpstart a page.


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