Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Accounting for Non-Accountants

Yup. I finally attended a seminar about Accounting. I had Lai and Bang for company, though, so the 4-hour session wasn't too bad :) A lot of accounting stuff seemed simple, really; can't believe I had such a hard time in college! Hahaha!

I still hate the talk about numbers though. I did make an effort to understand, and I think I understand stuff about debits and credits, and ledgers and T-accounts! That last bit has me a little bit excited (just a little bit!!!) because I can actually POST in the proper accounts! Hehehe. Seriously, I NEVER understood this while in college AND graduate school. Yes, it is a wonder how I graduated! Sigh!

I'm getting the hang of sales and expenses and such. Like what side of the T-account I should post them on. So things such as Hilton Head rentals I can now classify as an expense with confidence, hehehe. Same thing with how to treat depreciation, equipment, etc. It helped that Bang was there to brush up on her accounting knowledge. She was a font of information when Lai and I would get lost. during the explanations of the speaker.

I liked the speed of the entire seminar; I felt my eyelids drooping only when the speaker seemingly droned on and on about the purposed of accounting. I mean, we can READ her handouts, for pete's sake! Anyhoo, when we got to the numbers part, and especially the practical side of applying what we had learned, I sat up and was all ears.

Now, 2 more such days. I'm hoping I can hang on and still understand until the end. I am appreciating more and more the life of bookkeepers and accountants. And no, I have no wish to be doing what they're doing, thank you :)

Now, I REALLY need to scrap. It's a new week, and I've got tons of CT assignments! :)



Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Sounds like it was informative. I'm behind on my CT stuff too. Have a great day.

Eve said...

I think I would have passed out before the conference! LOL Math and numbers are SO not my thing!! Thanks for the comment on my blog chika, I miss you to! *huggs*

JanMary said...

Ughh! - accountancy - i did some accountancy exams about 20 years ago - never understood it!

Dawn said...

I kind of like accounting -- it's all very orderly when you know where to put stuff! I took accounting back in college to but don't remember any of it. I call my sister, who is a CPA, when I need help -- which is often!!! Good for you to go out and take a course on it!

Leigh said...

I'm just about caught up on my CT stuff...one more designer for Feb!

thumper6423 said...

Better you than me sitting through that conference. I'd have been asleep in the first 20 minutes.