Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pre Valentine's Date

Ever since I can remember, Japa and I have NEVER gone out on Hearts Day. I guess we're both too practical for our own good; I mean, neither of us want to go out when everyone else is out *just* because it's Valentine's Day, you know? We hate the crowds, the commercialism. So we usually go out and sort of celebrate it a day before or after the actual date :)

This year, we just had a late lunch (I had a meeting in the morning) with Elizza in tow at the Chinese dim sum place in Crowne. Dim sum buffet, but you have to order it. Yum! Not that I had a craving for Chinese food, especially after our recent trip to Macau and Hong Kong, hehehe. It was just easier and faster to go there than another restaurant.

Lunch would have been absolutely enjoyable if not for the not-very intelligent waitress serving us. She totally messed up our order, which meant that we had to WAIT for a long period of time before we could enjoy our dim sum! I mean, seriously: how in heaven's name would 4 pieces of Ha Kao be enjoyed by 3 people?!?!?! Sheesh! We ordered 40, NOT 4!!! Simple mathematics, really! Grrrr! Pissed all of us of, hmp!

After lunch, we went home, so we could go to the Ayala pool to train for the swim part of the upcoming aquathlon. It was much easier today, for some reason. Maybe it's because my body is getting used to swimming 22 laps? Hehehe. Love the clean, cold water as I glide through it. Love the feel of the tile underneath my fingers as I touch it to do yet another lap. I just with the run would be as easy as this, hehehe!

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