Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Hearts Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Just a regular day for us, really. No flowers, no chocolates. I did make some treat bags for the kiddos to give away at school though :). Yes, let's make my life more complicated shall we? Hehehehe. It was also Teacher's Day at school today, so the kids gave out the same treat bags to their teachers, where I just changed the greeting to reflect Happy Teacher's Day instead :)

The kids wore red, and silly me totally forgot to snap a photo of them! Blame it on the late night I had making the treat bags. Sigh! Another photo opp lost! Oh well.

Here are some pics of the treat bags I made, courtesy of some of Kate Hadfield's adorable doodles:
We had Valentine's dinner at La Vista. Zhar and Rod took care of the salad and fish, Lai and Dic were in charge of the risotto and soup. Japa and me? Well.....erm.......we were left to take care of dessert, hehehe. Stella and Randy were in the States, and they were usually in charge of the decor. Bang and Boydee usually took the dessert. Japa and I were *usually* in charge of some hybrid project like the menu or the place cards, hehehe.

We dropped by Mom and Tina's to pick up some delish ice cream cake and a mango torte. We got Dad a sugar-free mango torte, too, so he could enjoy dessert. EVERYTHING was yummy and cooked to perfection. I even had wine and that was good, too! :)

It was a sit down dinner, and even the kids behaved. The caveat? Instead of wearing red, we all wore PINK. Um, yeah. Like I had a plethora of pink tops to choose from! In a panic, I searched my closets until I found something appropriate. Even Mom and Lai were surprised I did show up in pink, hehehe! I told them it would have been so much easier if they had told me to wear funny t-shirts instead of scrounging around for a PINK blouse!

I even put full-on make up AND flattened my hair! Hehehe. I guess I had time on my hands while getting ready for dinner!

Hope everyone's heart day was a fun one, too!

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