Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"Non" Accounting Take 2

Second day of our seminar. It was a bit better, as we knew what to expect. We were also better prepared. Lai brought some chips and we chowed those down during the seminar. No, it wasn't rude, as there were coffee and tea served. Since we had a heavy lunch at Mexicali, we didn't bring out the chips until it was break time anyway.

We had a little bit more problem solving to do today, which was a bit fun, despite the fact that we had to post the numbers into T-accounts. Ugh. But it was doable, most definitely! So YAY! :)

Not doing anything much today. All the sitting around during the seminar has taken a toll on my back :( Took some painkillers and the muscle relaxants just so I could lie down straight. Sigh! I guess I need to do some PT again or better yet, maybe some yoga; some sort of strength equipment or my back would be extremely helpful, too! I do need to whip this back of mine into shape!

The meds are taking effect, so I'm turning in.

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