Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Math Quiz Bee

I went to school bright and early to see Raegan in action for the Grade 3 Math Quiz Bee. She had told me NOT to go since she would be a nervous wreck if she saw me. But you know me, nothing would stop me from grabbing some photo opps....all in the name of scrapbooking. Hehehehe. I was there to show some support of course, but scrapping the experience was a priority as well :)

And Raegan was fine. I think having Kumon definitely helped. She was confident as she answered questions quickly. She had a few rocky starts, but as she warmed up, she garnered confidence and it showed in her demeanor. Gone were the nail biting, gone were the twirling of the marker, gone were the chewing of the lip. She would listen to teacher intently, screw up her face a bit, and then write the answer on her white board. Pretty good, I say.

She was in the running for 5th place, along with 2 others. As the contestants went into the average and difficult rounds, the students were weeded out a bit. There was a girl who got everything right; she had done Kumon early on, and it showed. After the difficult rounds, Raegan had garnered enough points to take 3rd place. Yay! Congratulations to Ate! She did a really good job!

I don't have photos as they're in Japa's camera and I'm too lazy to get them :) I'll just save them for scrapping :)

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