Monday, February 11, 2008

A Day of Work

Yup. Work, work, work. That's what the 3 of us in the Sisterhood did. Bang, Lai and I trooped to the site office for a workflow meeting. Technically, I didn't have to be there for the meeting; it was a Treasury/Accounting workflow after all, but I guess Bang and Lai wanted some support? Ok, fine. Someone with a big voice to back them up, then, hehehe.

We were a tad bit late as I had set my alarm off wrong. Think PM instead of AM!!! Hehehe. That hasn't happened to me in a verrrry long time! I literally jumped out of bed, almost in hysterics that the sun was up and about! I think I made Japa jump our of bed, too! Bwahaahahaha! Anyway, after a quick phone call to Bang who was supposed to pick me up, I was ready in 20 minutes! That is a record, for sure!!! That includes a shower, shampoo, conditioner, and full-on make up! :)

After our meeting at the site, we proceeded to our "official lunch" place, CPK at Shang plaza. Hehehe. Our all-time fave place to be for lunch, especially a working lunch. We had salad, pasta (2 kinds!) and a pizza. Yum yum yum!

In the afternoon, it was the same meeting, but at the Main Office....with dear Mother in the meeting. Luckily, Mom had to be at a mass at 6 pm, so we knew the meeting couldn't last THAT long, hehehe. And it didn't, surprisingly! Mom did raise some points but I like to think she was pleasantly suprised at how the meeting was being conducted and how it was being ran. We were actually getting stuff done AND solving some kinks in the system to boot! Yeah! More like YAY for Bang and Lai, obviously, since I was there solely to back them up just in case Mom got into her questioning moods, :D

I was just a little bit sad that I was out the whole day for meetings. The kids had no school today (because of Family Day over the weekend) and I was looking forward to spending some time with them. Oh well. Sigh! Next time!

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