Sunday, February 17, 2008

OMG! Can I *DIE* Now?!?!?!?!

Aquathlon time. A 600-m swim and a 5k run. Of full TORTURE for the body. My body. Ugh! And we did this to be able to be with the kids?!?!?! What a joke! Or a fiasco, for that matter! First of all, the kids went first, for their 400m swim and 2.5k run. And I sooooo wanted to do the exact same thing!!!

But no, we had to wait for our age group to be called. And age group meant Japa and I were in the 30-39 year old category. They grouped us 38-year olds with the 30 year olds?!?!?! What were the organizers thinking!!!!! Hehehehe. Oh the age, I SO felt my age today!!!

Ok, some random facts:
1. I was definitely out of shape. Indubitably, no question.

2. It was pure stupidity on my part to even THINK I was going through with this entire thing.

3. Pride was the ONLY thing that kept me going throughout the damn run

4. Swimming I could take, running was another story

5. I wish I hadn't forgotten my iPod. MP3 players definitely would make running go by faster!

6. The race organizers at the drinking stations were cheering me on, but kept saying "Let's go, po!" "Po"---meaning I was OLD!!! Ugh!

7. I was both walking and jogging during the entire thing.

8. I thought I would DROWN when I launched my body with everyone in my age group into the pool....good God! I thought I would be drinking the entire contents of the pool with the way everyone was splashing about! Sheesh!

9. While on my last couple of lengths of the pool, 2 guys from the next age group were on either side of me....I thought I was done for. I stood up, sputtering, and exclaiming, "damn!". Hehehe.

10. I had gotten out of the pool earlier than Japa, but he just slipped on his shoes and his shirt, kissed my bye and said, "see you at the finish line."

11. I was probably the ONLY person there who wore a b.r.a, hahahaha! I couldn't run withOUT one, you know!
12. We were probably the ONLY ones who participated as a family.

13. The MOST difficult thing was to run right after swimming. I thought I was going to fall flat on my face!
Some noteworthy things that happened during the Aquathlon:
1. Roby won first place in our age group.

2. I won second, seeing that we were only 2 women; the other lady was a swim coach, who had swam competitively before.

3. Raine won a special prize for being the youngest competitor.

4. I finished the swim and the run in one hour and twenty minutes.
Some lessons to be learned:
1. Train for the running part, not the swimming part! Hehehe.

2. Don't let the kids ever ever EVER convince you to join something like this again. EVER.
Ok, I have GOT to rest. TTFN!

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Olivia said...

This post is just so hilarious!!! Great writing Te and great experience. hahaha... Congratulations on your winning 2nd place!!! Hehehe...