Sunday, February 24, 2008

Scrapping with Insomnia

Yup. Seems it's struck again. And I *KNOW* I didn't have any caffeine today at all!! We had lunch at Ayala, and I was soooo sleepy, I ended up sleeping afterwards! In a chair! Hehehe. Why? Because I had slept really really REALLY late again last night. Like almost 3 am! Hayayayayay!!!

Because I had a nap in the afternoon, of COURSE I ended up sleeping late. Again. Grrr. Never ending cycle.....but.....I scrapped three whole pages again! Whoohoohoo! It helped that the one layout was a 2-pager, for the Sisterhood Challenge. We're creeping along on the 3rd month now, hahahaha. It sure takes a long time if you're trying to scrap ALL FOUR of your kids' baby books all at the same time! :)

And yes, all the kits I used were from that designer/scrapper exchange thread I was blogging about yesterday. That was a lot of fun!

TTFN! Now to concentrate on watching CSI....all of them :) AXN has a marathon of all CSI cities on Sundays!

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