Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wrapping Frenzy Part 3

Well, I did finish ALL those gifts for the Marytown kids. I've been wrapping alllllll morning, trying to wrap the gifts for the office staff. It's our office Christmas party tonight and I'm STILL wrapping! Hehehehe. I have yet to look for gifts for my baby and mommy/daddy for the Kris Kringle AND wrap those, too!

To top it off, I have NO idea what I'm going as, or what to wear. Futuristic theme. Hmmmm...Need to think about that and it's already past noon! I've got a few hours to rest my back, finish wrapping AND figure out what I'm going to be! Aaaargh! It's the holidays!

I canNOT believe Christmas is just around the corner. With all the things I still have to do, can someone stop time? Or at least SLOOOOOW it down?!?!? Please???

Ok, gotta go. I'm at mom's right now since we don't have stupid internet connection. Again. I am SO hoping that it comes on sometime today. I'm in withdrawal!!!!

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