Saturday, December 08, 2007

Holy Day

Today is not only the Immaculate Concepcion, but it is also the day that Rogan receives his First Holy Communion! Blessed day, truly, and the children are doubly blessed for receiving Him on this holy day!

The day started off REALLY early, hehehe. Got up at 630 am (didn't turn on my laptop to ensure that I DID go straight to the bathroom!) to take a shower, iron my hair and apply on my new Bare Escentuals make up that Mom brought home. Aaaaah! You don't know how LOOOONG it's been since I've put on proper make up ever since I've been home with Dad! Hehehe. I mean, really, why put on expensive make up just to go to my physical therapy session, eh??? Hahahahaha!

Anyway, since today is a holy day of obligation, Raegan, Reese and Rielle were all woken up so that they could get ready. Raine had a promotional test for her Tae Kwon Do and was going to that instead.

Rogan looked really cute in his barong tagalog and black pants. He told Bang over breakfast that he was SO excited today to receive Holy Communion. Isn't that cute?

No photos today, as my poor laptop is full yet again and I haven't backed up anything yet. :) But trust me when I say my eldest son looked quite the looker all gussied up. It's my blog, so yeah, I can say that, hehehe.

So we go to Pentecost early enough to have our family picture taken, and for Rogan to have a solo photo in front of the Lady of Pentecost. At least we looked fresh and un-sweaty in our photo. Then we ALL lined up in front of the church, parents at the sides of the first communicants. It was a mess, hehehe. 55 kids knew where they were going to go (more or less) but the hundred or so parents didn't and a lot were wandering around. Since we knew more or less what would happen (from Raegan's communion last year), Japa and I just waited by the front doors until Rogan's turn to walk down the aisle.

The whole ceremony took 2 hours, but it was ok, since the kids were part of the program. Although Rogan wasn't picked to say a short part during the entire thing, he was one of the handful of kids chosen to sign one of their closing songs. Mama got picked to lead the parents' prayers though! Good thing I had taken the time to fix myself a little bit more than usual since Teacher Tess forgot to tell me! :)

Everything went well, although I know I didn't get a whole lot of photos of Rogan as he was pretty much running all over the place distributing his souvenirs to his classmates. He gave away a stampita and a tiny little prayer book, perfect for little hands.

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