Monday, December 17, 2007

Gifts Bought and Wrapped.....Sort Of

We did it, we did it! *sing to the tune of Dora the Explorer, hehehehe*

Mom and I bought ALL the toys we would need for this Sunday. All 250 or so. I bought some extras just in case. It took us 2 hours at that ONE stall, but we have the toys for 200+ kids. When we got home, I wrapped like crazy. I took advantage of the fact that the kids were at swimming. I wrapped and wrapped and wrapped. And a few minutes before I started posting, I only have 75 presents to wrap! WHoohooohooo! I was a wrapping machine for a few hours this evening, yeah!

Thank goodness I had wrapping paper at home. Some leftovers from the annual gift-giving for the Marytown community. Some were a little bit yellowish, but I'm sure the kids wouldn't mind or SEE the yellowness; they'd be busy ripping that wrapping paper before you can say GO!

So yes, quite a productive day today. Gifts bought AND wrapped. I just need to finish off that last 75 gifts tomorrow. AND I still have some gifts to wrap for Raegan's boy classmates (got those this morning, too), figure out what food to share the kids need to bring for their class Christmas party and review the kids for their exams, which start tomorrow. Sigh!

{Office Stuff}

It always happens every year. My office stuff is neglected because of the AMOUNT of things I need to do for Christmas!!! Aaaargh!!!!! Had a long, almost-shouting conversation with Boydee this evening about stuff I needed to do. Long story, I don't want to get into it here. The short of it is that just as long as I am able to get things done, it shouldn't matter HOW they get done. Sort of. Hehehehe. Grrrr!

Aside from coordinating the January trip to Paris to pick up the Relics of St Therese, I have YET to do the office website. Ugh! Can I use as an excuse the fact that I'm waiting for my Mac laptop? hehehehe. Maybe I should set up the iMac where my laptop is right now. The only thing is, every conceivable surface in our room either has another computer on it, or gift wrapping stuff. Sigh! cough medicine seems to be working now. I've had to literally give myself a shake or two in order to finish this post. Can't seem to keep my eyes open now, hehehe.

Need to post some catch-up scraps though (maybe this will help jumpstart my seems-to-be-lost scrapping mojo!!!):

TTFN! And to all a good night! :)


JanMary said...

HOW many presents? Wow. Do you have blisters on your fingers?

Carolyn said...

OMG!! That is crazy girl. I don't know how you did it. I only have one to wrap and I'm putting it off until the last minute LOL

Gina said...

Someone's channeling Folger's commercials.... ;) Kudos on the gift-buying/wrapping - I haven't even begun shopping yet. Ugh!

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Wow, I'm quite impressed that you wrapped 175 presents in one day. I haven't even started to wrap mine. Sounds like it's a great program and I'm sure that the kids won't mind a little yellowish paper. Enjoy your holidays!