Friday, December 07, 2007

Mom's Here!

Yayayayay!!! Mom has finally come home from the States! This means one thing for me: TIME! Time to wrap Christmas presents, time to DO Christmas presents (hehehe) time to shop for the poor kids, time...precious time!

Not that I minded staying with Dad, but I never realized how much time it took to keep him occupied and to make sure that he was in a good mood to attend his therapy sessions. Moving in to La Vista was the ONLY feasible thing to do, otherwise it would be impossible to be on top of things pertaining to Dad. Yes, there are some care homes out there, but nothing beats the tender loving care one always gets from FAMILY, right? And that's what we do best.

With me living here, I am able to oversee the nurse and caretaker in their daily activities and interaction with Dad. The cook submits the week's menu to me and I can go over it to make sure Dad's diet conforms to his diabetes-controlled environment.....or at least, I try to. There are days he would be difficult and insist that he can eat anything. That's his way. And I totally understand that and deal with it.

In the month or so that Mom was away, Dad has fallen into his schedule of physical therapy three times a week and just recently, a session of occupational therapy once a week. We have tried to add the OT into his daily routine with some success: we've done a few activities that his therapist has deemed Dad's "homework" for the week :)

I love the days when Dad doesn't complain or frown and just does his different therapies because he WANTS to do it, sometimes I like to think he ENJOYS doing them. For him, the challenge is makes him exert a little bit more effort both physical and mental. Yes, he gets tired, but that's to be expected and I always anticipate it.

He has complained about not being able to take longer naps the past few days, and I told him that maybe that's his body's way of telling him that he does NOT need as much sleep anymore! Which is a VERY good sign, indeed! Now......he just needs to show off a little bit to Mom so that she can see the progress in his daily routine.

Hopefully, with Mom here, I can finally get caught up in work and more importantly, the Christmas stuff I should have had done last month! Hehehehe. Oh yeah, and I absolutely NEED to scrap, too! :)


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