Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Trip Cancellation

Dang it! France is out for this year! At the Relics meeting, it was deemed that we did NOT have to accompany the Relics from Lisieux to Manila anymore. Apparently, we may not even have to bring the Relics back to its home! I have NO idea where the thought came from that we had to go with the Relics. Sigh!

So all that coordinating with the travel agencies and rushing to have passports renewed were all for naught. So are the thermal socks and gloves I just bought yesterday, dang it!!! And I can't return those either since I bought them in Green hills! Aaaargh! I just KNEW there were forces at work AGAINST our trip to France! The extremely difficult time we had trying to get the flights confirmed should have been indication enough.

Next trip to Europe I plan, I want to go back to Great Britain. It's almost been 20 tears since I've been there and I'm sure there are a LOT of things that have changed. UK Holidays is also more affordable now from Manila, with the advent of flights from Hong Kong via Virgin Airlines (or some such name...I forgot what it is).

After we visit London, I want to be able to go to other areas of England. The coastal areas will be easy to plan vacations to through the network of Haven Park resorts. They put a lot of emphasis on environmental friendly vacations AND family time, so that's a good fit for us. Of course, I don't picture the boys and I communing with nature all that much, but Japa and the girls are going to be all for it, I'm sure.

Ooooh! And I just checked their website and they have activities planned for kids every single day just in case the parents want to have some time for themselves. How cool is that? Hehehe. Planning a family vacation and already planning on leaving the kids somewhere, LOL! A few hours won't hurt though, right? Haven parks seem a good fit for us with sports activities, and water water WATER activities! Pools and seaside places! That is SOOO calling us! Need to check it out more!

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