Thursday, December 13, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday, BRIC!!!

It's Bricky Boy's first Birthday!!! Happy birthday!!!

I miss him since we went back to Abada :) I don't see his smiling face anymore each morning, I don't hear him screaming so early in the day, I don't get to let him sit on my lap in the car from the front door to the gate, hehehe.

We went to La Vista for dinner and were greeted by two towers of balloons alongside a huge Winnie the Pooh banner greeting Bric a Happy Birthday. Like Rogan when he turned one, Bric never indicated a character that he liked (or knew), according to Bang. Then when they were in Shoppers to order a cake, and Bric saw Pooh, he started shouting and moving his body towards Pooh! That's why we have Pooh as Bricky's character for his first birthday :)

And the FOOD. Oh. My. God. The food was more than plentiful....we were practically swimming in it! Boydee and Bang had hired good ole Jack the chef from Zensho's who did a great job on the misono. His fried rice was exactly the way he did it at the restaurant and we ate a LOT of it!

The steak, the tempura, the noodles (didn't touch the crab, I was too stuffed!) And oh the desserts! The strawberry thingy and the chocolate cake (from new suppliers) were incredibly delish!!! Ahhhh! When I got home, I *HAD* to take some poopoo tea just to feel better! Hehehehe. Gluttony, I know, but what's a girl to do!?!?!

Then it was back home...home to our own bed, own room :) New wooden floors, which means no more vacuum cleaners, no more stuff to sprinkle to get the carpet clean. It's just mops and pledge now :) And the kids can breathe so much easier, too, which means less incidences of asthma attacks. Knock on wood! :)


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