Sunday, December 16, 2007

La Vista Bazaar Take 2

Yup, I went back to the Bazaar, as promised! :) And YES! Almost NO people at 930 am on a Sunday! Thank goodness we had gone to mass yesterday evening, so there was nothing else to do but shop :) I did have to drive, though, as Romy had the day off today.

So I went with Raine again, and the first order of business was to make sure I had my Christmas list with me. I bought some gold-plated jewelry for gifts; I knew this was top-notch quality since it was from Korea, and would take almost forever before it tarnished. So in one stall, I was done with the gifts for the girls in the office and *maybe* some household help. Yeah!

Then we went to some Pokemon store where Raine had helpfully put aside some action figures for Rogan. We were able to amass some 30+ characters. I swore her to secrecy, as this was going to be Rogan's Christmas present :) So gifts for the boys are done, girls to go! I tell you, these bazaars are helpful. However, they are a definite cash drain. I was lucky the jewelry lady accepted checks, otherwise I'd be out of cash in a major way! Hehehehe. Bazaars can be a good thing, but they can also be a dangerous thing! :)

Raine spied some more of those funky necklaces that girls seem to be wearing nowadays. We picked up some for Raegan, Reese and Rielle. We were at that particular stall for a loooong time, as Raine wanted to get everything she saw!!! *roll eyes here* Sheesh! The frivolity of this 7-year old! :) She wanted bracelets, necklaces with humongo pendants, silver bangles, gold bangle, earrings.....anything and everything that screamed "bling" to it, she wanted! Sigh! It sure was an EFFORT to drag her from there! But drag her I did, since I was sweating up a storm again (see previous post for an explanation of this one, hehehe).

We picked up Riley at La Vista for some lunch at Pancake House. People were kinda staring as we went in.....maybe they thought I had 5 kids who looked like they were born one after the other? Hehehehe. We ordered our usual of chocolate chip pancakes, shakes, hot roast chicken and tacos. Yum yum! We had fun stuffing ourselves :)

I attempted to scrap again today, but.......nothing again. Maybe it's this STUPID cough that has me out of mojo. I feel just awful and irritable, having to cough every once in a while. I have to resort to taking some cough medicine, which I really don't like doing because it makes me really drowsy, but it's the only way to control my cough! And my poor CT requirements! :( I have *some* ideas of what I want to do for layouts, but I can't bring myself to open up Photoshop! Sigh!

Japa has been texting up a storm while in Singapore. Apparently, he's run into a mall with a Mac store, a Sony store and a Nikon store. All sorts of electronics. And he texted me to go online and look for prices in the States for comparison. We did the same while he was at Toys R Us for some kids' toys. :) Nothing beats technology, hehehe!


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Monique said...

Wow sounds like you got tons of Christmas shopping done! Congrats! And I just love that First Snow layout, it's so pretty, snowy and dreamy... love the photos too! Have a great day and a happy holiday season!