Saturday, December 15, 2007

La Vista Bazaar

I find it hard to go to sleep nowadays. No idea why. I did fall asleep pretty early last night as I had to take some cough medicine for this infernal cough I have. Still have. Not sure how many days now, but it is bugging the heck out of me!

I woke up really early---think 330 am!!!---today. Which was good, because I saw Japa off at the door as he left for the airport. He's taking some of our top sales people to Singapore for a few days, and their flight was at an ungodly hour of 6 am, hehehe. So when Japa left, I did some more downloading and tried to scrap. But I guess it was TOO early for some scrapping mojo to enter my brain, and I ended up playing a lot of Snood.

I did go back to sleep for a couple of hours. Then it was lunch and to the doctor's for Ranger's follow up check up. I totally forgot to get him a tuberculine test, but I told the doctor that he was eating well now and that his bout with pneumonia was almost nonexistent. And he had gained 1 kilogram in 3 days! :) Yes, I didn't want to take him to the hospital for a series of test that involved pricking.

After the doctor, I was dropped off at the La Vista Park where a bazaar was ongoing. I did some shopping for my poor, neglected Christmas trees, buying a lot of gingerbread ornaments. I also got a few gifts for people on my list, as well as kikay necklaces for the girls. A lot of eccentric stuff were being peddled for sale, like Coca-Cola and some movie memorabilia, some "skins" for your electronics like iPods and cellphones, which were cool, but I didn't want to take the risk of subjecting my expensive electronic device to *their* "skinning" device, and some humongo jewelry! I mean, are 5-inch hoop earrings the trend again?!?!

Wouldn't the kids DIE to have something like this somewhere in their room: A poster --- a SIGNED poster of the High School Musical cast?!?! What a find that would be eh?

I told some vendors I was going back in the morning when there were less people, and newer batches of product :) Yes, I like to shop earlier than most people because I detest all the jostling that goes on in crowded places.

So yeah, a pretty slow day, but at least I got some shopping done and crossed off a lot on my list!


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