Friday, December 07, 2007

Traveling Mom and Company

Well, not only Mom but the rest of the boys. She went with Boydee and Bang to the East Coast where they met up with Dic and Lai. Rod and Zhar were on a cruise, Randy and Stella stayed back home after their honeymoon in Europe.

Me? Was left with Dad at home. *pout* Make that MAJOR POUT!!!! I swear it will be MY MY MY MY turn next time!!! So boys, if you're reading this, that time will be this vacation time!!!!!

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, hehehehe, Mom, Bang and Boydee told tales of their trip. They also went to Colonial Williamsburg. As expected, Bang and Boydee absorbed what they could during their day there, especially Boydee. The funny thing was when they went to the De Witt Museum. Huge museum. Boydee and Bang were taking their sweet time, and when they finally reached the meeting place, they found Mom lying down on one of the sofas, and Dic and Lai sprawled elsewhere in the lobby. Turns out these 3 were just sitting and waiting. For a loooong time. Hahahahaha! Apparently, museums aren't their cup of tea!

They also stayed in Zendell's and Patrick's place in Washington, DC (sister and brother in law of Zhar). They said the place was just gohgeous dahling and that it was straight out of some Wilmington NC real estate magazine or Beautiful Homes or something. Awesome house, great layout, and they even left their cook to tend to the needs of Mom and company. How cool and generous is that! Ummm......pssst! Zhar! Next time, can you come with us so we can stay in DC too? Hehehehe. Can't wait to see pics people!

Come to think of it, no one told us anything of the sights they saw in DC! Hmmmm! Maybe all they did was SHOP?!?!? Please someone, tell me that isn't so!!! What a WASTE of time!!!! *wink* But knowing mother dear, she was itching to hit the outlets and the low-tax states while she was there, hehehe.

And you think Mom's travel plans are going to be put on hold since she's home? Uh....nope! She has to be in France (or is that Frahnz? hehehe) early in January to pick up the Relics of St. Therese! Speaking of which, I need to go and make some travel arrangements!


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