Sunday, December 09, 2007

Proud Communicant

Sunday, and yes, we still had to go to Sunday mass :) Rogan was again oh-so-excited to receive Jesus; he said it was his first "official" mass after receiving Holy Communion. He behaved very very well in church, which was really very surprising, and totally touched me. He seemed to have grown up in this aspect, taking to heart everything he learned and was taught for this occasion.

However, he attempted to take the host in his hands and not by mouth. Which was fine, but the only thing was, he was never taught how to do it properly! Sigh! I guess he was looking at everyone before him and since they were adults, the majority was taking the host in their hands. I was able to whisper to him to take it in his left hand, but didn't have time to tell him more than that. So what did my boy do? He cupped his entire left hand towards his mouth to take the host. Hehehe. Not very subtle, but it was better than him dropping it. I did tell him how it should be done though, after that.

Rogan loves to sing during mass, especially when he knows the songs being sung. Even more so this morning, when he knew several of the songs by heart. Bang and Boydee could distinctly hear him singing behind them and he was even swaying to the music. Ahhhh....Japa's artistically-inclined son. Hehehe.


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