Monday, December 17, 2007

Blasted Cough!

I hate this dang cough of mine!!! I am forced to get up in the middle of the night NOT to change Ranger but because I am coughing up a storm! Then I get my butt up and out of bed to drink some cough medicine WHICH makes me so drowsy, I end up sleeping until about 930 or so! And that's super duper late for me...especially since it's Christmas season and I've got TONS of stuff to do.

Like I *have* to go to Greenhills to buy toys for some 215 kids. 215!!! I check my email first thing, and surf the internet. I barely had time today since Mom called me to tell me she was going with choice for me since I wanted to use her driver and car, hehehe.

Gotta go, as Mom's waiting as I finish this post, hehehe. Have to make sure I have my cellphone. Check. My list of kids. Check. My breakdown of the number of boys and girls. Check. The MONEY. Check. I guess I'm done. Off I go.....wish me luck!

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Amy said...

enjoy the kid shopping - wow!