Monday, December 10, 2007

Harana Night and Christmas Bazaar


I sweat like a P.I.G. tonight. Totally gross. The Eastwood tent was totally PACKED and it was a HOT night. Ugh, ugh, triple UGH! Yes, I know sweating is good, but I just felt totally disgusting and grimy by the end of the night. Actually, WHILE the sweat was running like rivers down my face and back, I wanted to go home.....except for the fact that I had some shopping to do.


Every year, the kids at school make some products to be sold at the annual Christmas Bazaar. All proceeds go to their favorite charity, Bahay Mapagmahal (House of Love), a charity for kids. What are these products? This year was one of the best ones so far.....the products were done beautifully, especially considering the fact that the kids did them (for the most part, hehehe). I'm sure there were some parents out there who did some retouching on a few things :)

What did I get? No pictures as of yet, since they're all in Japa's camera. Kocet had my camera, but I hadn't downloaded anything yet. As of weeks ago. Yes, I'm bad.....but there just doesn't seem to be enough time to do it, not to mention the SPACE in my laptop!!!

Anyway, from Raegan's class I got:
1. beaded serving spoons
2. beaded bookmarks/book bracelets
3. some hot chocolate mix
From Rogan's class I got:
1. a memo holder
2. handmade solid soap (in these gross colors, but hey, my son molded them, hehehehe)
3. linen spray
From Raine's class I bought:
1. lap pillow
2. chocolate chip cookies (very yummy and chewy)
Although I thought the prices were more expensive this year, I still spent waaaaay less than what I expected. AND, I was able to get away from NOT purchasing a product or 2 that the kids made. I'm not a mean mom....just practical. 3 kids having multi-products will kill anyone's budget!


The program wasn't too bad. Although with the space constraints, the school should have done the program at some other night...or not have it at all. It was just JAM-PACKED! Think SARDINES here!

The classes of Rogan and Raegan combined to dance to Tuloy na Tuloy Pa rin ang Pasko. Raegan was obviously one of the dance leaders of her class....everyone was looking to her for the steps. Despite her height and size, she was at the second line where people could look to her for guidance. Rogan was seated at the front of the stage banging on some native drum....with all the "bad" boys of both classes, hehehehe. Or I guess those who weren't very keen on listening to instructions for the dance steps.

Raine's class danced to Christmas in Our Hearts. Their Grade 1 class paired up with a Grade 4 class who, in my opinion, didn't do much for their bit of the program. Everyone, including the Grade 4 kids, were looking at Raine as she pretty much led everyone in the dance. Like her Ate, she was huge for her class, but she was put in the middle, in front, so everyone could look at her for the next dance steps. And boy, did she deliver! She was totally exaggerating her steps; what a HAM!


After the program, we all proceeded to the nearby Teriyaki Boy....along with a TON of other kids and their families. Hehehe. Good thing we left right after Raine's class' performance as we easily got a table. Then in trickles, other families came in, starting with the families of the kids' classmates. So it was like a mini-school meeting in Teriyaki Boy that night!

And......I am just plain POOPED! Tired. Exhausted.

But I need to post some scraps first :)....some pages for our ever-expanding East Coast album and a Halloween page:


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