Sunday, December 30, 2007

Almost the End of the Year

The last few days of 2007. And here I sit pondering what went on this past year. As is always the case during the tail end of any year, we wonder where the year went. It always goes by super duper fast, doesn't it?

Let's see if I can do some sort of spontaneous recap on some milestones:

turned a precocious 3
went to school for the first time ever
talking oh-so-clearly now
swimming star, winning the majority of her events and always medaling
invited to the sparring and school team for Tae Kwon Do
discovering that she seems to be a natural athlete
loves kid's band (doing the guitar)
joined the varsity chess team at school
can beat his Ate at freestyle
had his First Holy Communion
swimming star, medaling in all her events
has beaten 2 boys in her age group in the IM
has emerged as a natural leader in dance, choreographing her class' presentations
started wearing 'trainers' for her teeth
joined even more Creative Teams
scrapped like heck the latter part of the year
went on a kid-free anniversary trip
started exercising again (this is VERRRRY major!!!)
had some physical therapy sessions for an increasingly healthy back
getting more fit than ever
made some investments, including stocks, bonds and land investment for mining purposes
is on a mission to keep the kids fit for the rest of their lives, hehehe.
Not a bad year, eh? Here's looking to more good things happening in the next year!

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Katie said...

what a great way to recap the year! Happy New Year Rona :)