Monday, December 03, 2007

Doctor x 3

What a day! I went to 3 different doctors today.....and not for me! Hehehe. Good thing all the cables are working: a-ok and no problem with internet connections!

{DOCTOR #1: For Robyn}

Brought Robyn and Riley to their pediatrician at Medical City. Very sosy pedia, hehehe. Rimrod thin, she was very nice and told me that Robyn was mad at her. True enough, all the pedia had to do was touch Robyn's dress and she started wailing! Effect from the traumatic hospital stay, poor baby.

Anyway, Robyn was there to show the doctor her rashes in her peepee. As in RASHES. All caps. When the yaya showed me, I told her that I was itchy just looking at those little red buggers! Man! And they looked like they hurt!!! So the doctor prescribed some antibiotic cream to be applied three times a day. In between nappy changes, there was a different non-antibiotic cream to help ease the sting. Wash with warm water only, NO soap. And air that little bottom! Take out the diaper and let her play in her playpen in the nude for a change. Freedom! :)

Riley was there because he had a slight cough. The doc said it was likely allergies and just prescribed ventolin. Speaking of allergies, looks like all your kids (except Rielle) have some sort of skin asthma, Lai! Uhm.....from your side? Hehehe. She said sometimes the skin asthma MAY turn into full blown asthma of the lungs or something. How to prevent? Exercise to get those lungs going!

Robyn had her chicken pox vaccine today, too. She may need another one, because chicken pox has different strains now and has been known to hit even those who've had the vaccine the first time. When the booster will be given, I forgot, sorry! Ok, Prevenar. Yup, that dreaded expensive vaccine. Turns out Robyn needs FOUR shots!!!! Yikes! BUT and this is a HUGE but, she said that since the first shot of Prevenar was given when Robyn was 11 months 10 days, she can consider that as if the shot was given at close to a year and then Robyn would need only ONE more Prevenar shot. I told her I'd tell you first and then you can decide and tell the pediatrician.

Also, Robyn needs to have a urinalysis and some blood tests done. The doc was expecting us to have it with us when we visited her. She said you probably forgot...or that you mentioned that you'd have it done when you got home. Let me know if you want me to bring Robyn to the hospital to have her tests done....or we can do Clarkmed if you want :)

An aside from the doctors......Haydee rushed Riley out of the clinic before us because he had an exam. Apparently, on the way to school, Riley realized he had left his Tootsie Roll bank and candies in the van and he was demanding that they turn back because he wanted to give the remaining candy to his best friend. Well of COURSE they couldn't turn back: Traffic was HORRENDOUS!!! Haydee was asking Riley whether he wanted to go back home, or get the candy, or go take his exam. He said candy and exam. Hehehehe. Poor guy! They made it to school with 2 minutes to spare. Whew!

{DOCTOR #2: For Ranger}

Well, we got the confirmation from the pediatrician that Ranger has acute pneumonia. Again. Sigh! No wonder he was so out of it and looked so pale and sad. :( Poor baby. Anyway, I told the doctor that after the second dose of his second generation antibiotic, he was up and about, smiling, and jumping all over the place. There was some color back in his cheeks and he was eating more. So whew, whew, whew!

She said it was a good thing that she already knew us, otherwise, she'd be having Ranger admitted to the hospital right away! Yikes! Didn't want that to happen, no way! It was the same thing with Rogan 7 years ago and we ended up taking care of him throughout the night just so he'd get better. Good thing Ranger responded very well to the meds!

I mentioned to the doctor that despite Ranger being in the 90th-95th percentile for his height and weight, I was concerned that he had awful eating patterns. Sometimes he'd eat a lot, sometimes, not at all. And rarely did he eat rice! So we are scheduled to have a tuberculine test done in about 2 weeks' time just to rule out the possibility of tuberculosis. Ugh ugh and double ugh! In the meantime, we just need to concentrate on getting Ranger's immune system strong again..

{DOCTOR #3: For Dad and Me}

Ok, not a doctor, but therapists. Hehehe. After Ranger's appointment, we rushed to the Orthopedic clinic so that I could get my much needed PT session today. My back needed it and I wasn't going to let today's session pass me by!

So there you have my day. Doctor Day would have been an appropro title to this post, too! :)


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Elizza said...

thank you for bringing my 2 babies to the Pedia, Ate! The bloodtest can wait for me...she probably forgot she said it's okay to wait for 3 weeks to get the test done. the way you said the story was sooo hilarious i look crazy laughing alone here!

oh, funny story about the letter to santa too! haha!