Friday, December 14, 2007


A plug for one of our companies.....Golden Ridge Ranchos. Randy has been hard at work negotiating some deal involving a huge chunk of land that we want to develop somewhere near the California-Nevada border. Seems the other side is trying to hold off on higher prices (of course), while we're negotiating for lower prices and/or a much longer term to pay it off.

We are going to be developing this land tract into a small community, built like the communities of old.....stemming from a main church in the middle of the community. The Mission seems logical since there is a very, very strong Catholic, i.e., Filipino and Mexican at the very least, population in the area. The Mission will be built in a sprawling fashion since it IS a desert we're going to be constructing on. And yes, of course it will have a columbarium area, since we seem to be quite successful in this area of business. :) Hmmmm....I wonder if we can branch off a real estate franchise for this business? Mom and Dad have done it with their port services business, maybe we kids can do it in this aspect? Food for thought, boys! :)

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