Saturday, January 03, 2009

Packing Like a Madwoman Possessed

Um yup. I had to pack, pack and pack some more until I fill up close to 11 bags and/or boxes to take home to Manila when we leave on the 4th. With Japa gone, I was like a madwoman possessed...seriously! All I could think of was that I had a day and a half MAX to do everything: packing, laundry, storing our stuff so Roc could move into the room.

*very loud sigh here*

Thank goodness the kids could pretty much fend for themselves, with the older ones taking care of Ranger, seeing to it that he was bathed, clothed and fed, hehehehe. Whew!

Everything the kids got for Christmas were folded into suitcases and boxes. Used clothes in the hamper, ready to be thrown in the washing machine tomorrow. Winter clothes --- the jacket, sweater, vest, gloves, cap, beanie, etc of each family member --- all went in two under-the-bed storage thingies that Roc will probably put in the garage.

My mail? Oh goodness, my mail! Hehehehe. I have NO time to go through everything, so that'll be crammed into my laptop bag just so I won't forget to look at them.

Good think I like to pack (it's the UNpacking that I hate), otherwise I'd be hating life right now. Of course, it would have helped if my dear husband knew how to pack, but for you travelers out there, here's a direct quote from him: "Seventy pounds is seventy pounds, no matter how you pack it."

Uh, yeah, right. *roll eyes*. Should I say typical guy? With the exception of Dic, all my brothers are lousy and useless packers. No one took after Dad except Dic and me, sheesh! Good thing my brothers married people who are excellent packers! And I'm not saying that lightly, either! Bang's pretty good (although I have yet to see one of her "creations"). Lai learned from Dic, and she does a pretty good job. Stella sure knows how to stuff anything and everything that needs to go in the box or suitcase; she finds every available space there is! Zhar I've heard can pack pretty well too (she has to, knowing how Rod abhors packing!).

So, yeah, I'm in good company......but I've got 3 more suitcases to go!!! That'll be tomorrow's project (like I have a choice---we leave tomorrow afternoon)!

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