Thursday, January 15, 2009

Maintenance Demo the Columbarium. I spent at least a couple of hours looking at these guys extolling the virtues of a low-speed floor polisher, a high-speed polisher, a wet-dry vacuum, and some garbage bins, among others. I could already tell it was that kind of day, eh? Hehehehhe.

The low-speed polisher was nifty in a way, because it was multi-purpose. We could use it as an everyday polisher for the granite floors in the columbarium, and then, with a change of the brush/polishing head, we could head to the bathrooms to scrub the tiles. With yet another change of brushes, we could scrub clean the outside parts of the columbarium! AND, there was some contraption attached to it that allowed us to squirt some water and soap while the polisher was scrubbing. Cool! :)

While the low-speed was just that, low speed polishing at a mere 175 revolutions per minute, the high-performing high-speed polisher was a champion at 1,500 revolutions per minute! Whoa! And man, could it buff and polish the granite tiles! This is definitely something that we need to buy to make our lobby at the very least looking very spic and span for our clients!

There were lots of fun cleaming stuff to go over. I even considered getting these loooong mops with a 36-inch mophead (!!!) for the house. I saw those being used at La Vista and they helped speed up the dusting. Anyway, I've got a list ready, and I demanded a longer term than 30 days if I was going to spend so much on their equipment. (who the heck knew garbage bins would cost so much???) They gave me 45 days. Ooookay. At least it's more than a month, right? Hehehehe. Every little bit helps!

Days like these...make me want to plan for yet another vacation getaway. How about a trip to Branson, Missouri? :)

Silver Dollar City, the theme park in Branson, sounds kind of like Williamsburg, Virginia. Like Americana stuff, which is always fun to see and experience. The kids will love the many rides there, especially the looping roller coaster and the log ride. The girls are going to have a blast in the crafting area at Silver Dollar City, what with their love for anything and everything artsy.

And where to stay? Seems like Branson has lots of hotels to stay in, from the fancy schmancy ones, to the simple inns. But I love the look the Settle Inn and the Grand Oaks Hotel's suites. Oh oh oh! The kids will fall all over their feet when they learn that the Grand Country Inn has a water park! Hehehe. True water babies, they are!

I'm still on the lookout for family packages for the place. The site lists couple prices only so far, so maybe as we get closer to the summer season in the States, we'll see more family-friendly prices! :)

Ok, enough with the plugging. I scrapped again! Whoohoo! I'm on a roll, so far so good!



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