Saturday, January 10, 2009

Going to A Wedding

It took me 15-20 minutes to put on my make up. And 40 minutes or so to go through my closet looking for something suitable to wear to the wedding of RanRan and Michelle. Sigh! I was adamant that I was NOT going to be wearing a dress! I swear, I hate getting dressed for events like these! I finally pounced on a chinese-inspired blazer...which I initially paired with a long, slimming black embroidered skirt. But, there was a looong slit in the front which showed some leg. Leg that was unshaven (sorry for that much information, hehehehe). And being the stubborn person I am, I did NOT want to wear a pair of nylons. Uh-uh. No thank you!

I vainly searched for a pair of black pants that looked at least a little bit dressy. Finally, Shirley brought out a pair that I had forgotten about. But it was just HUGE on me! Japa was getting antsy and irritated---we were definitely running late here--- so I grabbed it and put it on. After 3-4 safety pins at the waist, I was ready.

I grabbed a pair of low-heeled sequined mules, slipped them on and trotted to the door. And almost fell flat on my back! The damn soles on the heel were missing!!! I guess that's what happens when you haven't worn some shoes for a long time, hehehe. I tried looking for another pair, but in the interest of time, I told Japa to forget it. He'd have to hang on to me if we'd walk on a slippery surface.

The wedding was going to start at 7 pm. We left the house at 7 pm. Can you see my sheepish face now? Hehehe. Plus, Dic had just called some 10 minutes earlier to say that it was traffic on the way to the Forbes church! Grrrr! But luck was with us, and as it turns out, the wedding had started at 715 pm; there was a regularly scheduled parish mass from 530-630pm, so by the time the church was cleared of non-wedding people, it was closer to 7 pm. By the time the entire entourage had walked down the aisle and the bishop started the mass, it was 715.

Japa and I got to the church at 735, walking in in the middle of the First Reading. Yes! We had made it! Hehehehe. The mass was anticipated; luckily, we had told Coset to take the kids to mass tonight at 7 pm just so we wouldn't have to worry about getting them up tomorrow morning.

The reception was at the Polo Club. And no, mother dear, if you're reading this, I was NOT underdressed at all! I fit in just fine, and I was ecstatic that Tita Tinggoy had proxied for you as Ninang. I could not even FATHOM getting myself into one of those sequined long gowns that the principal sponsors were wearing! Ugh! Thank goodness for Tita Ting! :)

Obviously, with the mass starting at 715 pm, dinner started at around 9 pm. Grrr! Good thing Japa was smart enough to bring a couple of Snicker bars, which he passed around our table to silence our growling stomachs. The menu looked pretty good and filling. It was just that by the time the entrees were served, it was past 11 pm! Sheesh! Everyone at our table was itching to get home, but I refused to leave without dessert, hehehe. After scarfing down the mango crepes, we were ready to leave.

Not wanting to draw too much attention to our table, which was one of the MIDDLE tables, we left discreetly, one by one, or in pairs. Lai and I stayed the latest, wanting to see RanRan dance with Michelle. Then we stood up and walked towards the exit.

And of COURSE I was stopped by at least 3 people wanting to say hi and asking about Dad. Waaaaaah! It always always ALWAYS happens in times like this!!!! I rushed into some sort of explanation, giving the information in as few words as possible, but enough to satisfy. I thanked them profusely for all their prayers and inched towards the exit. And safety.

A little bit past midnight, and we were home. Finally. What a wedding! I think going to a late wedding will be on my list of things NOT to do in the future!

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