Sunday, January 25, 2009

Swimming, Camping, Scrapping

Activity-filled day today!

1. Swimming - Since we went to mass yesterday, we planned on going swimming Sunday morning. Not to be dissuaded, I called and texted Rod and Zhar to see if they were still coming along, as planned. Good thing they were up; we had planned to meet at 10 am.

Yes, not a great time to go swimming because of the sun's rays, but the kids had mentioned that the water in the Ayala pool was freezing! We weren't going to take that chance; besides none of us were scared of getting some color in the process.

The kids of course, being the water babies they are, joined us. Japa, Rod and I finished the 24 laps we needed to do for the Ateneo Aquathlon. Zhar did 20 I think. We were the only ones in the pool, so we put the entire area to use: we emulated the aquathlon by swimming in ALL lanes (although the Ayala pool had only 6 lanes as opposed to Ateneo's 8). It made a big difference to me because I didn't need to count at all, hehehe.

At the beginning of the swim, I was cussing myself, thinking that I wouldn't be able to finish the entire thing at all. The water felt so heavy, my ARMS felt heavy! But as I got into the swing of things, it became easier, thank God! Hehehe. Besides, pride was pushing me too, I didn't want to quit in front of the kiddos, you know! I finished 24 laps in 20 minutes. Not bad for doing it for the first time since......last year. Hahahahaha!

The run will be a different story. I know I'm just going to DIE when I do that. I have yet to train for running the 5k! Yuck! Any ideas?

After our laps, the kids pleaded for us to do some relays with them. And we had the bright idea of teaming up the adults (Rod, Zhar and moi) AGAINST the kids (Raegan, Rogan and Raine). NOT that fair of a team-up, I think! Hehehe. But we did give them a run for their money, at least in the freestyle:

The kids had Raegan, Raine then Rogan. For us it was Rod (we wanted to demoralize them early on.....yeah right!), Zhar then me. Rod did beat Raegan, but only by a few meters. Zhar dove into the pool first...a good few lengths ahead of Raine. And then I really looked at her....her arms were sooooo slow, especially when compared to Raine's! Hehehehe, sorry Zhar! As they passed the halfway mark, I was screaming for Zhar to go. Raine was swimming like she had sharks on he tail, she was fast gaining on Zhar! Aaaargh!

I pushed from the wall a tad bit earlier than Rogan.....and must have breathed only TWICE in the whole damn 25 meter length! To top it off, I was ticked off that I saw Rogan LOOK ----LOOK!!!--- at me while he was swimming, to check out where I was in relation to him, the little bugger! Grrrr! Yes, sad to say, he beat me by close to a body length. Hmp! *grumble grumble*

Then the kids had a not-so-bright-idea to mix up the strokes. We were to do butterfly, breast and then free. We should NEVER have agreed to do it! I did fly...against Rogan. And here I was, feeling proud of myself that I was keeping up with Raegan! Hahahahaha! Yes, Mama was dreaming! When I realized it was Rogan who was ahead of me, I started laughing, and got a slight cramp. I stopped with about 5 meters to go, and sputtering, yelled at Zhar to just dive. Hehehehe. Needless to say she never caught up with Raine. And I don't think Rod waited for Zhar to touch the pool before he pushed off, gunning for Raegan. He stopped because he was laughing; apparently, he had tried to reach for Raegan's FOOT to stop her, but he missed.

Bwahahahaha! Yup, the kids are stronger and faster, that's for sure!

2. Camping - It was Father-Child Day at Child's Place, so Ranger, Papa AND Rogan and Raine went to Antipolo. Raegan and I went to the parlor where I got a foot spa and Raegan had a trim (so that she could hot iron her hair everyday if need be).

Anyway, the kids had a blast at Alpadi where they went rappeling, of all things! Even Ranger was a daredevil! That was pretty much all they did in the 2-hour activity. I know, camping for 2 hours. Whatever. But after a few games, Japa prodded the kids to go because he was tired. Hehehe. At least he got some great photos of the kids rappeling down the wall. Sorry, no pics now, they're all in the camera still.

3. Scrapping - Well of course I took advantage of the few hours of peace and quiet to scrap. I finished Ranger's 8th month. Raine's will have to wait, unfortunately, since her pictures haven't been scanned yet. Sigh. Another thing to put on my to do list. So 3 down and 1 more to go, pending the scanning, for The Sisterhood Challenge! Woot!


And how was YOUR day? :)

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