Monday, January 12, 2009

Another Scrapped Page!

I *knew* all I had to do was scrap that first page! Hehehe. Tickled my creative juices that's for sure! I spent the early morning downloading some CT kits and I came up with this:


And the words? From Barney the purple dinosaur, of course! It was just perfect for my photos! The kids were so excited to have some snowfall that day, they were sticking out their tongues trying to taste the snow! Take note, they were so busy sticking their tongues out, they were tripping over their own feet! Hehehehe.

Mom, if you're reading this, know that I've already ordered Dad's Transport Chair and his nebulizer. The chair's the same as his current one. I wanted the "suv" chair, the ones with the 12" wheels, but the arms probably wouldn't go under dining tables. Like Dad would be seated at a table with him being fed on a Peg tube for now! I just thought about that! Oh well.
The nebulizer I chose was a new portable one. And it is tiny, weighing less than 3 pounds, I think. But the motor is relatively new, and very quiet. And the best thing is, treatment time is cut into half because of it's ultrasonic capability....or something like that, hehehe.

Hey, at least if we're traveling together, the kids can use that, too! Best to nebulize and pre-empt any and all sort of throwing up on the sofas, Kohler sinks, toilets, wooden floors, etc., right? Ugh. Just thinking of what all the kids have gone through because of asthma and allergies just gives me the shivers, hehehe. Blech!

After work, I went to the grocery store. Again. But this time it was for La Vista; I had called Marivic to go on ahead and fill the carts with must-need stuff only. So that when I got there, all I'd have to do was pay. And as luck would have it, Rustan's looked like it was newly-stocked, too! I quickly grabbed some Tostitos that weren't there a few days earlier and checked out. My lips were a-smacking as they anticipated the taste of those Lime flavored chips! Yummmmm!!! to start my Monk marathon for the night....

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Elizza said...

LOVE this layout! FUN pictures too!