Thursday, January 29, 2009


I know. I made up a new verb, hehehehe. I was practically on Photoshop the whole day today! At work, it was open to do Rate Sheets for columbarium stuff. A LOT of stuff. You would think my eyes would be crossing over from being in front of the computer the whole time, but noooooo! Of course I *still* have the strength to keep them open to scrap.

Nothing finished tonight, unfortunately, although I have a couple of in-progress pages. We got home late tonight, spending an hour or so at the wake of Jerome's stepdad. He had passed from his battle with colon cancer. His journey began 2 years ago when he was diagnosed. I'm not sure if he had an operation, but he had aggressive chemotherapy treatments. He went to Stanford and to Singapore for these. While in Singapore, he almost died because apparantly, your body can't be TOO weak in order to get chemo. Maybe the chemo dose or formula was too strong? I don't know.

Condolence and sympathies to Jerome and family. Prayers going out for your stepdad and for you guys.

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