Thursday, January 22, 2009

Health Test Results Are In

I picked up the test results for my blood work and my nerve tests today and........

My blood results all indicate that I am one very HEALTHY individual!!! Sure, considering my weight and my size, ALL my doctors here automatically assume that I have diabetes and high cholesterol at the very least. HMP!!!! In their faces! Hahahaahahaha!

I am so healthy, all my numbers are right smack in the middle of all reference ranges. That's how healthy I am! On the inside at least. Let's not go into back problems for now please, hehehe.
My fasting sugar? Normal.
Triglycerides? Normal.
Good cholesterol? Normal.
Bad cholesterol? Normal.
Hemoglobin count? Normal.
White blood cells? Normal.
Thryoid stuff - TSH, T3, T4? Normal.
Creatinine? Normal.
Potassium? Normal.
Sodium? Normal.
Normal, normal, normal! So at least I have a baseline of sorts for when I get older. Hehehehe. At 39, I guess I *better* have baseline numbers for reference!!!

To "celebrate", I ordered a very very BAD thing when Japa and I had lunch at Chili's. I had my old favorite: country fried steak. Yum yum yum!!! I *was* thinking of going healthy and ordering a salad just to feel good, but what the heck! I totally went for the steak and I did NOT regret it! It was sooooooo delcioso!!! Lip-smackin' good, literally!

Hey, I'm entitled!!! :)

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