Friday, January 23, 2009

Shopping for Cars

Ahhhh, the world of cars. As a normal female, I can tell you I could care less about a vehicle's features. Sure, I like the basics: air-conditioning, options for music (this means a radio, hehehe), power windows, automatic transmission, and power-steering. Oh, and an SUV would be nice since it's been a tried and true thing for me, especially in this country of flooding. :)

But ask me about the engine, the wheels, the chassis, the seats? I don't even look at those things, really! For me, just as long as it goes and I can drive it (see basics above), I'm fine.

Now, our little family isn't so little anymore. For the longest time, Japa and I have been considering getting a new (or gently-used) car that'll fit all of us comfortable WITH trunk space. Sasha the Everest was peachy when the kids were in their older toddler years. Now, Ranger's the toddler and the others aren't. can just picture us in the Everest squooshed in. Thrown in 1 driver and 1 yaya, and you've got a car of sardines. Fat sardines, with the exception of Japa and Ranger.

Hahahaahha! I can't get the picture of that from my head!!! Can you???

Anyway, we've narrowed down our search to 3 vehicles:

1. First up, our "bugaw" car, the Chrysler C300:

The C300 is one of the few cars that Japa and I agreed on. We both like the look of it, basically. And yes, I *know* our family's not going to fit in there, but it sure would look FINE when we have formal occasions, hehehe. I drove this car when Rod's car was brought to La Vista. Man oh man oh man! It drove like a DREAM! Like a Benz (no wonder, it shares the same chassis with some Mercedes model---like I would know that, if Bobby, the salesguy didn't mention it), but definitely NOT at the price of a Mercedes!

Rod got an excellent deal on his, but Japa wanted the Hemi C300. To me, they both looked EXACTLY the same. Japa made me go out to look at the Hemi to compare. Ok. The difference? The engine is supposedly more powerful, needed for a heavy car such as this one, there are 2 tailpipes instead of one (like I *CARE* about tailpipes!!!) and the leather was finer. The leather was finer. Yup, you read that right. Could I tell the difference? Nope!

2. Next, the Suburban:

When we were in the States, we were all set to purchase a Suburban and have it shipped here. But for some inane reason, GM (yes, the company that's about to go bankrupt and is waiting for bailout from the government) would NOT sell us the car?!?! What the??? I have NO idea why, but oh well.

We like this car for one main reason: the SIZE!!! Look at this baby!
Now, don't ask me about those model numbers there, I just got this pic off the internet. You think I can tell you the difference between the models?!? I seriously doubt it!

This car is a monster. Our entire family can fit in this car, including a yaya and maybe a driver....if Japa or I decide to let someone else drive it, hehehe. And the trunk space, oh the trunk space! Can someone say HUGE?

Another great thing about the suburban is, even if it runs on regular gas (as opposed to diesel), the engine is a technological wonder: if the car thinks your driving doesn't deserve a V-8 engine, it'll switch down to a 4-cylinder one! Cool huh? Yes, I listen to the salesperson's explanations you know! So aside from the size, the fuel-efficient engine is a definite plus.

The major downside to getting the Suburban? The PRICE!!! Ack!

3. Last car we're considering is the Hyundai Starex:

Not a winner in terms of looks, but man is it roomy inside! Even the back seats can move forward OR backward, depending on how much leg room you want! That is a major plus in favor of this car! The second row can also swivel...look at how much room this van has! Comfortable seats 8, maybe 9, but I count 8 seatbelts, how about you?

The starex has some great trunk space as well, which is what we're looking for, ultimatel y. With the kids' activities, they've got mountains of stuff they need to stuff in the trunk: Raine's taekwondo equipment (helmet, pads), Rogan's guitar for Kids' Band, and the kids' swimming stuff: fins, pull buoys, goggles, towels, toiletries....and the list goes on.

So there you have it. What car would YOU choose?

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