Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Living Up to My Word!

Remember what it was? Yup. WORK.

And that's what I did today, at the site! Whoohoo! Yay me! I was quite productive today, going over sooo many things at the columbarium, the day just flew! Hehehehe! When did that ever happen to me? Uhmm...think never! :)

Sure, there were tons of stuff to catch up on, but I made progress, if I do say so myself. And my body is paying for it. Ugh. It was a looooong drive from the site to home. I had my laptop, unzipping files from a month ago (!!!) and getting dizzy because I was in the car. Sometimes I wish I have an iPhone, mainly for the cool games on it. Games that I like to play like Text Twist. Babaw, I know, but I think that would definitely while away the time, especially when I'm stuck in traffic!

Oh, for my non-local readers, don't worry...I don't drive and text/play. I'm in the back, with a driver up front :) Yes, I like the iPhone, but I tried texting on the darned thing, and it just won't work with fingernails, you know? Pet peeve for sure! I mean really, is this phone just for guys?!? Hmp! Another pet peeve is the fact that I can only use the iPhone here with Globe. Not that I like the competitors for cellphone service (I hate hate HATE and ABHOR Smart!!!), but I don't want anyone limiting my choice, you know? Pet peeve number 3 is that this phone is pretty expensive here! I would sooooo love to buy this phone in the States where it's cheaper, but then I'd need an unlocked phone when I got here just so I can use it here. Think of the hassle! Sheesh!

Oh well. I did see on TV, when this reporter was at the recent electronics show in Las Vegas, there was a phone that was going to go against the iPhone (Samsung, I think? Not sure). The cool thing that stuck in my mind was that you can actually use your fingerNAILS to text on it! Hehehehe. Now THAT is how you market to women! But then again, I don't like Samsung phones. Picky, I know. :)

Another cool thing that was featured was this tiny laptop that can fit in a clutch! Tres chic, no? That'd be very cool to have...but then again, maybe I'd have to have my eyes operated on if the screen were too small! I guess you can't please everyone! :)

Ok, enough wishing and ranting. Monk is calling me! :)


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