Wednesday, January 14, 2009

US Embassy Bound

We started the day bright and early. Not to mention COLD! We had an appointment at the US Embassy to renew Rogan's passport. Being a minor, he *had* to have BOTH parents present during the interview before they'd actually renew his passport. Sigh! We did try to have it renewed ---expedited, even--- while we were in the States, but there was no way that we could get it in like 5 days, what with the holidays and all. we are, doing it in Manila. :)

The interviews were no problem, actually. It was just the waiting that was the hassle. Our appointment was at 8:50 am, we were supposed to be there half an hour before. Being the punctual people we are, we were there a few minutes before 8 am. We were finally called around 9:15, and the lady at the window asked Rogan a few questions. Like what his real name was, his birthday, his age, the real names of his parents. Good thing we had coached him on that last part, hehehehe. Otherwise, he'd probably be staring at the lady with his mouth wide open!

After that initial interview, we waited a few more minutes before going to another window where another lady told us to raise our right hands to attest that everything we had written in the documents were true and correct. And that was it. Easy peasy. Just the waiting, like I said.

I did ask the second lady if it was okay for the kids to have their own signature on their passports at their ages. She thought about it a little bit and she said of course they could, just as long as they wrote out their full names, and that it was legible. At least the kids can truly say it's *their* passport, hehehe!

From the embassy, both Japa and I were dropped off at work, and Rogan went on to school. We asked him if he had any plans on missing the whole day of school (like I would let him!, hehehe), and he emphatically said, "NO!". Apparently, he had a birthday party during lunch which he didn't want to miss, AND he had Trumpets after school, and there was no way he was going to miss that since he did get a minor part in their play, after all :)

I scrapped a page today!


Okay, off to watch more episodes of Monk. I sure wish we had a Slingbox...anything would be better than having to contend with skipping DVDs! Not sure if it's the disk itself or maybe it's time to get my DVD player cleaned? Whatever it is, I have to skip some parts of a few episodes just to get some closure of some sort! Hehehehe.

I love Monk :)

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