Sunday, January 04, 2009

Bye, Vegas! and A Snowed in Airport

All good things must come to an end. I leisurely packed when I got up, finishing up 1.5 suitcases while the kids were asleep. While they were taking showers, I threw everything in the washing machine and started packing the comforters, the sheets, the towels. In a frenzy? Not really. Just trying to be methodical about the entire packing thing. So nope, no panic. Yet. Hahahaha!

Good thing we had gone to church yesterday. We had the house to ourselves and I was able to pack continuously (in between yelling at the kids to hurry and to pick up after themselves!). Everyone else attended the 1130 am mass. A little bit before 1 pm, Boydee called to ask if we were going to eat out. I told him I was planning on taking the kids for one last time at CiCi's Pizza just so they can stuff themselves, hehehehe. Besides, they LOVE pizza! I was just waiting for a car.

So everyone dropped of Mom and Dad at home, picked us up, and off we went. And man, did the kids (any myself, of course) have fun. Love all the pizza selections, but I especially love the pizza bread and the sticky buns! Yummmm! Yes, not exactly great for my (forever) diet, but that's what my trusty diet pills are for, eh? Hehehe. I never leave home without them, or in this case, I never start the day without popping one in my mouth! They seem to work, since I don't think I've gained any weight at all over the holidays. Crossing my fingers that I lost at least a couple of pounds, though! I know, with all the pizza-stuffing we've done this trip (three times!), it'll be a WONDER that I don't gain any weight!

While we enjoyed our lunch, no one thought of the time. When next I looked at my watch, it was 130 pm and I had said that I wanted to leave by 2 pm!!! Yikes! We rushed out of CiCi's and headed for home. I literally threw everything that was out into our handcarry bags; thank God the boys were there to make sure my last few bags were within the prescribed weight limit and Roc hurriedly heated up sausages and rice for the kids to take on the plane.

Yes, I always take food for the kids. Never know what the airline will serve. At least this way, I know they'll have something to eat for sure, especially picky Ranger!

As we neared Vancouver, the pilot announced 3 or 4 times that the Vancouver airport was closed. Oookay. I thought we weren't going to be able to land because of the apparently heavy snowfall in Vancouver. Luckily, as we got closer to our destination, we did land because the snow had stopped.

We disembarked from the plane to this:
Look at all that snow! We were lucky that the snow HAD stopped, otherwise we'd be looking at spending the night at the airport! And with 4 kids to contend with, I wasn't looking forward to that possibility at all!

At the airport, the kids ate and then started to review for their exams. Hehehe. Yup. Can anyone say CRAMMING?!?!

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