Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Working Productively

.....or so I hope :). I've been working steadily on a number of things here at the Site and am taking a break. Storage areas, airconditioners, personnel, uniforms, maintenance equipment......a whole gamut of stuff! Sigh! But hey, I'm enjoying myself actually. Sort of.

Thank goodness we have internet here in the office now; at least I can take a break every now and then to check on email, download stuff, and update my blog :) Yup, somehow when my CTs decide to come out with new products, they more or less come at the same time and I have to download everything! At least that can be done in the background while I type away at Excel and Word.

And Photoshop in a few minutes, yeah! No, not to scrap, well sort of not to scrap in the truest sense of the word. I AM scrapping, but for office stuff. Trying to finish the rate sheets that Boydee wanted out since last year, hehehe. I told him creativity really couldn't be rushed! And it's true. There are times when I *want* and *need* to scrap but if there's no mojo, there's no mojo. It can't be forced! I've spent hours trying to WILL the creativity to come, but it's a useless exercise, really. Creativity will just come to you, yes?

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