Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another Day, Another Doctor

I seem to be on a health streak of some sort. That, or maybe I'm just determined to have all my baseline numbers in. Take your pick.

I went to see Dr Mike Villa, an endocrinologist. I asked him about why my thyroid numbers had seemed to normalize. I had always thought that once you got started on medicines for either hypo or hyperthyroidism, you took it forever.

My thyroid numbers had some movement, especially when I was pregnant. But I've been off the the meds for a few months now and I'm fine. I thought there was something wrong with me that could've been brought on by some movement in my thyroid numbers, but there was nothing. Everything was NORMAL.

Oh, and despite the fact that I hate, hate, HATED his medical scale (it was TEN pounds more than usual, I swear!!!), at least it did show on record that I had lost 10 pounds or so when I saw him last.....about 10 months ago.

Dr Villa was obviously HAPPY that I looked good, that I had lost that weight. He said a little bit more.....and prescribed me my Duromine. Yup, happy camper I am, hahahaha! But get this, the good doctor told me that we're going to set my goal weight as.....are you ready for this.......




............he wanted my goal weight to be A HUNDRED AND TEN POUNDS!!!! That's 110 pounds in numbers.

Ok. You can pick yourself off the floor after you've laughed your head off.

I swear, if I hadn't been SHOCKED when he said that, I probably would've reached out and given him a shakedown. Was he absolutely OUT OF HIS MIND?????

Holy COW! Someone chop off HALF my body right now. Then we'll probably be lucky to get that number. My goodness!

His reasoning? Always set a goal that's very lofty, so that when you get even just half of that, you'll be satisfied.

Oooookay. Whatever. I'm more of a realist, so I told him, nah...I'm aiming for 20 pounds, 30 if I push it (which I'm not).

110. *can you see me shaking my head and rolling my eyes*

Anyhoo, I scrapped:


How much weight do YOU need to lose? Bwahahahaha!


Renee Valerie said...

110! tell mike that's how much i want to weight as well!!! hahahaha! did u know we knew each other back in HS? his best friend at LSGH was my best friend as well. we were also batchmates in UST. so tell him i said hi but also tell him that it's good to give his patients REALISTIC goals as well, right? not that you wouldn't look great weighing 110 - i just think that's a tad bit too much! you can do it, ate!!! :O)

Pillowgirl said...

HAHA your goal weight is about how much I want to lose. That means I would lose a WHOLE YOU! Wowsers!

Meisie said...

Do you really wanna know how much I have to loose? You just another reason for a good laugh! ROFLOL